Room divider Facet by Bloomming

Ringset One

Room divider Facet - The ultimate space divider

Clock Delay - It's about time...

Style your project with the Bloomming Design Collection

Bloomming provides the best interior products for your home, studio, loft, showroom, museum, exhibition, office, spa, commercial area, public area, store, gallery, salon, restaurant or lounge club.


From a Bloomming point of view.

We offer a wide collection of design objects. From our modular room divider Facet to divide spaces, to a clock which explains the viewer how time works. We also give people the best day of their lives with our beautiful wedding rings and if you’re in need of a tabl: Just create one in a blink of an eye with our Grip table legs. Our goal is to make your design project even better.

Where can we find Bloomming?

Our projects go world-wide from hotels in Barcelona to a wedding in Hong Kong. From condo’s in Manhattan to a private collection in Moscow.
Interested in an short overview? Check our room divider Facet brochure or visit our project page.

All the best with your Bloomming project!

A small overview of Bloomming products in action

Stainless steel clock tells more than time

Design divider Facet, photogenic divider!

Design divider – Singapore

Office – Guadalajara

Wedding – Eindhoven

Dining room – Eindhoven

Wedding – Mierlo

Showroom – Waalwijk

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