- industrial Poetry -

Our Story

Bloomming is  founded by Bas van Leeuwen and Mireille Meijs. They met during their studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Since graduation, they have developed their own methodology. Meijs generally works on the concept, whilst Van Leeuwen is adept in taking it to the end result. For the duo, Bloomming means spring and blossom.

Bas van Leeuwen


Date of birth: 29-01-1982
Nationality: Dutch

Mireille Meijs


Date of birth: 27-02-1983
Nationality: Dutch

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Our Vision

The design duo and the firm’s products, are inspired by the world in which they live and their furniture pieces are designed to surprise. The used approach is totally different each time, but in the end the product ranges all fit in a collection of what the designers call ‘industrial poetry’.

Our Goal

Bloomming’s products are made either in collaboration with renowned design brands or for the firm’s own collection. They are mainly produced by Dutch manufacturers, as working with local companies minimises logistics and maximises control over environmentally-friendly production methods.