This Privacy Screen Divider Adds Style

Do you have a hairdressing salon, a make-up studio or any kind of business where you work one on one with a client? Then you know how much a little privacy is appreciated. The best way to get that privacy without making the space feel cramped, is by making use of a privacy screen divider. Our room divider Facet is perfect for the beauty and fashion industry. Not only will it give the much needed privacy, it will also be a stylish addition in your space.


When you work in the beauty or fashion industry you need to convey your image in the way you decorate your place of business. Your place of business is a very important marketing tool. Enhance your image with our striking privacy screen divider Facet. With its intricate pattern and the way light bounces off its geometric design, people won’t be able to stop staring at it! It is an absolute eye-catcher and would attract people who appreciate elegance into your store.

Let Light In With This Privacy Screen Divider

The special feature that you get with Facet is that you can adjust the amount of light that shines through the screen. The whole screen consists of separate diamond-shaped parts. These individual facets can all rotate. You can decide how you want them by rotating them until you find the perfect angle. By doing this you can let in more or less light and you can change the look of the pattern.

Facet is also available in a wide range of colors to match your interior perfectly. It is also made to order, so we can adjust things to fit your specific needs. And of course Facet can also be made in any size you want it in – from a long, thin screen to the size of an entire wall, no job is too big for us!

Installation of the Privacy Screen Divider

What’s more, Facet can be attached to any type of ceiling. We made sure that the installation of the privacy screen divider is as easy as possible. Together with your order you will receive clear instructions for the installation. If you need any assistance, we are only a phone call away! The customer service team is here to help.

This glamorous cosmetics shop featured in the photos, is situated in a charming street in London, United Kingdom. They chose Facet in white with brushed stainless steel ceiling attachments. The color and design fits perfectly in their elegant shop. It looks stunning, it gives just the right amount of privacy and it does not make the shop look smaller.

Project   –  Privacy Screen Divider
Product   –  Room Divider Facet
Dimensions   –   Width 68cm  x Height 171cm
Color   –   White
Ceiling Attachments   –   Brushed Stainless Steel
Mounted – Special edition wall mount
Location   –   London, United Kingdom
Client   –   Orogold Cosmetics
Architect   –   Yuen-Ting Poon

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