Need some extra privacy for a room? Meet our sliding wall divider Facet! It performs the same function as a curtain, but it looks way more stylish and is a surefire way to turn heads at your next get-together or company conference. It is perfect if you want a little privacy at times, while keeping the open character of your space. You can also change the position of the screen if you want to close off a different area to have a meeting. Just slide the sliding wall divider to the desired spot.


Sliding Wall Divider for Flexibility in Open Plans

Open plan offices are not just a trend. It is a way to promote interaction between colleagues and to communicate that you strive for transparency in every aspect of your business. Still every office needs a space where you can have a brainstorm session without being distracted by what is going on around you. To solve this problem, you can build separate rooms, but then you will lose the whole effect of an open plan office. This is why a screen like this sliding wall divider is perfect to obtain a maximum flexibility.

The ideal solution should fulfill the need for adjustable seclusion from the rest of the space, while being aesthetically pleasing and creating a welcome atmosphere.

This is exactly the reason why we have developed the sliding wall divider Facet. We wanted to create something where form is just as important as function. We even went one step further: we designed it in such a way that it could be modified to meet individual needs. Every facet element of this sliding wall divider can rotate which means that you can adjust the amount that can be seen through the screen.

Customizing your Sliding Wall Divider

Its customizability makes it perfect for any space, from a design office environment to modern living rooms. Some meetings or get-togethers are more serious, while others are more lighthearted and fun.

Some people like a more secluded space to be able to concentrate, while others like to have regular contact with their colleagues and friends. The amount of privacy is all up to you – just move the sliding wall divider along the rail or flip around the facet elements of your choice to create a more open or closed screen.

Attaching the Sliding Wall Divider

It can be attached to any rail system. Thanks to its smart design, the upper part of the attachment element has a universal opening that is compatible with any screw that fits your rail system. What’s more, Facet can be made to fit any space. You just give us the measurements and we will make it to exactly fit your space.

This particular design screen is installed in a trendy commercial area with a glass-walled office cubicle in Helmond, The Netherlands. The sliding wall divider can either be used to cover the glass walls or can be moved along the rails to separate the meeting table from the rest. Interior design by M+R Architects.

Project   –   Sliding Wall Divider @ Office
Product   –   Bloomming Facet
Dimension   –   Two screens of 102 x 288 cm
Color   –   White
   –   Helmond, The Netherlands
Client   –   BDO
Architect   –   M+R Architects

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