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    Industrial Design clock Delay close-up of the minutes wheel on a white background. Design clock Delay is carried out in stainless steel. Available at

    Design clock Delay shows time on a pure and innovative way. It combines passion for technique with sustainability. It’s about time…

    In our consumer society we loose our feeling for technique. We produce digital products in a plastic body. What happens when they break down? We just buy another one, why make life hard when we can just buy new products? Bloomming thinks that it is better to invest in good quality products, and when it breaks…. Try to repair it. Do it yourself or do it together. It’s fun and you learn a lot about products, how they work, what the materials are and how they’re produced.

    Out of this philosophy design clock Delay is born. It is impressive how the technique of a clock makes it possible to show the right time. Most of the time this beautiful part is hidden inside a plastic body. Design clock Delay works the other way around and exists only out of technical parts. By showing how time works we keep our love for technique.

    Design Clock Delay explains the working of time completely in stainless steel.

    Industrial poetry explains how time works.

    Quite easy actually. Design clock Delay exists of three cogwheels: One for hours, one for minutes and one for seconds.

    The Seconds-wheel has 60 teeth and makes 1 rotation a minute, it drives the Minutes-wheel which has also 60 teeth and because of that, it is delayed 60 times, so it makes one rotation an hour. The Minutes-wheel drives the Hours-wheel which has 24 teeth and because of that, it is delayed 24 times, so it makes one rotation a day.

    On the seconds-wheel every tooth is a second, on the minute-wheel every tooth is a minute and on the hours wheel every tooth is an hour.

    And where are the pointers so we can read time? Pointers are not necessary because you can read time at the point where the wheels nearly meet. Less is more.

    Design clock Delay on white background
    Office design clock Delay in stylish office

    The unique features of a time machine.

    Design clock Delay is completely made of a high quality stainless steel and aluminum. The dimensions of clock Delay are 34x34x48cm (WxDxH). Clock Delay comes with a 220-240V ungrounded EU power adapter or a 100-110V ungrounded North American power adapter. Other voltages and plugs possible on request.

    Designed by Bloomming and produced by our metal working place near Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Every step of production from the first sketches to the final finished product is completed with care and the highest standards in mind. From the fine quality of stainless steel and millwork, there’s impeccable attention to every detail. Only available in a limited edition of 240 pieces. Clock Delay comes with an official Bloomming certificate.

    What Others Are Saying

    Is That The Time? No, Really Is It?

    Contrary to appearances, this rather scare-looking aluminium and steel contraption - designed by one Bas van Leeuwen for Dutch design studio Bloomming and christened the Clock Delay - is intended to serve a strictly benign purpose, namelijk that of measuring time. How? Upon its three cogwheels, labelled hours, minutes and seconds, you'll notice a series of numbers running along the outside edge of each. Observe the points where the three meet each other, and there's your time. Yes, we quite agree, as clocks go it's hardly when you'd call practical. Yet there's something hypnotic and compelling about its elegant mechanism, plus it's a potentially great conversation starter. Just make sure that small childeren, pets and the inebriated don't get too close...

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    Smartlife Lifestyle Bible Design Clock Delay 1 October 2008

    Reminds Us To Value Products

    The Dutch design studio Bloomming reminds us to value products. Why? In today's world, we dispose of our products too early! Their clock Delay, which consists of three gears - for hours, minutes and seconds - shows the time where the wheels meet.

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    Living Design+ Design Clock Delay 15 February 2009

    Long Live Technology!

    We buy products, use products and when it breaks down we throw it away. Repairing them is getting more rare. Because of this, we tend to lose our touch with technology. With the design clock Delay, design studio Bloomming wishes to bring back this touch. In the design of the clock, the inner workings of time are shown in a mechanism consisting of three gears: one for seconds, another for minutes and a third one for hours. Where these touch each other, you can read the current time. Clock hands are a redundancy!

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    Vormberichten Design Clock Delay 9 August 2007

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