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    Table legs Grip are easy clamped on every table top, also on our own bamboo table tops. Just turn on the leg to clamp it and you've got yourself a beautiful table! Available on

    Design table Grip: Industrial poetry combined with natural bamboo.

    Design table Grip consists of a combination of table leg Grip and one of our bamboo table tops.

    Why bamboo would you think? Well, bamboo is the future. It is the most beautiful and diverse material that we can choose for our design table Grip. It belongs to the fastest growing plants in the world. It reaches its final length of up to 20 meters within a couple of months. It even has a speed of up to 1 meter a day during the growing season! In total it has a 4-5 year growth cycle.

    Apart from sustainable sourcing our bamboo table tops are produced on a sustainable way. Not only for the product quality but also for the environment and the people involved.

    And not to forget: Bamboo is very strong and stiff so ideal in combination with our Grip table legs.

    Table leg grip is a smart designed industrial table leg

    Our bamboo selection. 

    Our bamboo selection for design table Grip consists of 6 different natural table tops. A variety of different finishes, all beautiful and ecological responsible.

    • Bamboo sidepressed thermo
    • Bamboo density caramel
    • Bamboo density naturel
    • Bamboo plainpressed caramel
    • Bamboo sidepressed caramel
    • Bamboo sidepressed naturel
    Design table Grip bamboo selection. 6 different types of beautiful ecological responsible bamboo. Design your favorite table by Bloomming.
    Design table legs Grip grabs bamboo table top.
    Table legs Grip are design table legs which transform every material into a table. Just turn the leg to clamp it and you're good to go. Perfect if you like a nice industrial look! Design by

    Materials and specifications.

    Design table Grip is available in the standard dimension of 200x90cm. If you prefer another dimension just contact us with your request. The table top thickness is 40mm and the table top height is adjustable between 70 and 82cm.

    The Grip table legs are completely made of high quality stainless steel. The dimensions of 1 table leg is 13x5cm (WxD).

    Design table Grip is designed by Bas van Leeuwen & Mireille Meijs and produced by our working place near Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

    Design your own.

    If you are seduced by another material and want to use our Grip table legs to build your own table it is possible to order a set of 4 table legs without table top. Find out more at our Grip table legs page.

    Table Legs With Character!

    Why not start creating a custom table with the table legs? Aesthetics, quality and easy of assembly. No need to saw or to get a screwdriver. Those who prefer solid table legs find their happiness in Bloomming, by Dutch design, and inventor of the concept "industrial poetry". The table legs Grip are solid and made of brushed aluminum. Attached at the sides, it offers an elegant screw system to securely hold your table top. You can choose your own favorite table top, which can be hypermodern or rather the contrary like wood to create a vintage look table.

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    Beautiful Design and Well-Built

    The steel table legs are incredibly well-built. We love it so much we're going to order another set for a standing home office setup. Legs clamp as tight as you want on the surface and support plenty of weight. The ability to adjust height on individual legs is so useful (think about uneven surfaces). And best of all you can source your own clean healthy wood surface (or plastic or metal)..anything works.

    Nick Kreshnik United States Table Grip 16 November 2017

    Smart Thinking!

    Table Legs Grip designed by Bas van Leeuwen & Mireille Meijs by Bloomming is a very helpful gadget if you can't say good-bye to your old, existing tabletop. It does not matter how thick your tabletop is, these Table Legs are easily gripped on it. You can also choose a new tabletop at Blooming of bamboo. Smart thinking!

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