Freestanding Room Divider Facet

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    Freestanding Room Divider close up of frame and base

    Rotate & Play

    The diamond-shaped Facets can be rotated individually with the flip of a diamond

    Every Size

    We’ll assemble the screen and frame in any width and height you desire

    In 6 colors

    Available in a beautiful selection of unique, sophisticated colors

    Place Everywhere

    Lightweight. Stands securely. Easy to move.

    Rotating Facet elements of freestanding room divider Facet

    Rotate & Play with Light

    The screen of our freestanding room divider Facet consist of multiple, individual thin diamond-shaped elements we call “Facets”. These geometric shapes can be rotated 360º around their axis to create a unique room divider.

    The Facets allow you to create amazing screen patterns, play with light and transparency of the screen with just the flip of a diamond! It is both stunning as functional as a room divider.

    Silver freestanding room divider in restaurant

    In Every Size & Shape

    Freestanding room divider Facet is a modular system, and possible in a range of dimensions. We’ll assemble the screen and its frame in the height and width you desire. It will make a great design item in any space. Whether placed in residentials spaces like your private living room, bedroom or kitchen; or larger commercial or public areas like a hotel, restaurant, office or reception.

    We offer 36 regular room divider sizes online. If your goal is to create a much larger room divider or wall, it is possible to connect multiple screens to one another.

    Square freestanding room divider Facet in color Dijon
    Divider Facet Color Collection

    6 Sophisticated Colors

    We created a stunning selection of unique, sophisticated colors for freestanding room divider Facet. White, Graphite, Pearl Gray, Pale Blue, Dijon or Chestnut – take your pick. Each of these colors give room divider Facet its own character and distinctive style to enhance your interior or space.

    Your selected color will be applied to the complete room divider and all parts, including the Facet elements, the outer frame work and the base plateau. Our freestanding room divider is fire retardant, UV resistant and anti-static.

    Place Everywhere.
    Easy To Move.

    We designed a great looking framework with a sturdy base plateau, so you can place the freestanding room divider everywhere you like. It is very lightweight, so it can be easily moved around when you are in for a change.

    The outer framework is smooth and thin (just 7 cm), made of high-quality triangular tubes. Like the screen, it compliments the stunning and chic look, while still being extremely sturdy and strong.

    Freestanding room divider Facet features a beautiful, solid 0.3 cm aluminum base. It compliments the design and makes sure the room divider stands fast and securely. It’s even possible to attach the outer frame directly to your floor without making use of the base plateau.

    Photography credits: Bart Roos

    Freestanding room divider Facet bottom frame and base
    Hanging room divider Facet

    Let It Hang!

    Love the style of our freestanding room divider Facet but fancy a more minimal look without the frame and base? Check out Hanging Room Divider Facet. Mount it to any type of ceiling!

    Room Divider Facet Sample Box

    Facet Color Sample

    Freestanding room divider Facet comes in 6 different colors. We can imagine it’s tricky to pick your most favorite color online. The Facet Color Sample is the best way to evaluate the available Facet colors in real-life before you place your order.

    What Our Clients Are Saying:

    Voldeed volledig aan mijn verwachtingen. Zeer correct en betrouwbaar. Snelle afhandeling en goede uitleg.

    Met & Exceeded My Expectations

    I purchased a room divider Facet from Bloomming and the entire process was swift, correct and soundly. The delivery was quick and the installation instructions were good and very clear. Thanks!

    Rineke van Spanje The Netherlands Room Divider Facet 5 July 2015

    Unique design and amazing customer service

    Diamond Crystals In Our Living Room

    The room divider Facet has an original, unique and very special design. It is very nice as a decorative element which also serves functionally by dividing spaces in a modern, unconventional and unconservative way. It is ideal for small rooms because of its size and attachment to the ceiling. It is also great for bigger spaces because of its propensity to transform 3D. My son calls it "the diamond crystals in our living room". The customer service is amazing, very polite, very fast and very effective. The room divider Facet was easy to install and arrived very soon after ordering. Most importantly, you can extend or transform it anytime, like Lego! Highly recommended!

    Despoina Papadopoulou Greece Room Divider Facet 1 February 2016

    2-LA about Bloomming Facet room divider

    Highly Recommended

    The room divider Facet is highly recommended if anyone wants to add contemporary touch to your home, easy installation and great customer service.

    Xiaoxi 2LA - USA Room Divider Facet 22 March 2016

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