Freestanding Room Divider Facet in Black or Dark Gray

Freestanding Room Divider Facet

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Freestanding Room Divider close up of frame and base

Rotate & Play

The diamond-shaped Facets can be rotated individually with the flip of a diamond

Every Size

We’ll assemble the screen and frame in any width and height you desire

In 6 colors

Available in a beautiful selection of unique, sophisticated colors

Place Everywhere

Lightweight. Stands securely. Easy to move.

Rotating Facet elements of freestanding room divider Facet

Rotate & Play with Light

The screen of our freestanding room divider Facet consist of multiple, individual thin diamond-shaped elements we call “Facets”. These geometric shapes can be rotated 360º around their axis to create a unique room divider.

The Facets allow you to create amazing screen patterns, play with light and transparency of the screen with just the flip of a diamond! It is both stunning as functional as a room divider.

Silver freestanding room divider in restaurant

In every size & shape

Freestanding room divider Facet is a modular system, and possible in a range of dimensions. We’ll assemble the screen and its frame in the height and width you desire. It will make a great design item in any space. Whether placed in residentials spaces like your private living room, bedroom or kitchen; or larger commercial or public areas like a hotel, restaurant, office or reception.

We offer 36 regular room divider sizes online. If your goal is to create a much larger room divider or wall, it is possible to connect multiple screens to one another.

Square freestanding room divider Facet in color Dijon
Divider Facet Color Collection

6 Sophisticated Colors

We created a stunning selection of unique, sophisticated colors for freestanding room divider Facet. White, Graphite, Pearl Gray, Pale Blue, Dijon or Chestnut – take your pick. Each of these colors give room divider Facet its own character and distinctive style to enhance your interior or space.

Your selected color will be applied to the complete room divider and all parts, including the Facet elements, the outer frame work and the base plateau. Our freestanding room divider is fire retardant (meets the UL94 standard), UV resistant and anti-static.

Place Everywhere.
Easy To Move.

We designed a great looking framework with a sturdy base plateau, so you can place the freestanding room divider everywhere you like. It is very lightweight, so it can be easily moved around when you are in for a change.

The outer framework is smooth and thin (just 7 cm), made of high-quality triangular tubes. Like the screen, it compliments the stunning and chic look, while still being extremely sturdy and strong.

Freestanding room divider Facet features a beautiful, solid 0.3 cm aluminum base. It compliments the design and makes sure the room divider stands fast and securely. It’s even possible to attach the outer frame directly to your floor without making use of the base plateau. Or making freestanding room divider Facet even more mobile by choosing for a base with wheels attached to it. Be creative!

Photography credits: Bart Roos

Freestanding room divider Facet bottom frame and base
Room Divider Facet Sample Box

Sample Kit

You might be curious how our freestanding room divider Facet and its materials look & feel like. Our products are exclusive available through Bloomming. To experience the materials for yourself in real life, please order our sample kit!

Hanging room divider Facet

Let It Hang!

Love the style of our freestanding room divider Facet but fancy a more minimal look without the frame and base? Check out Hanging Room Divider Facet. Mount it to any type of ceiling!

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Fast And Easy!

Bas was very friendly helping us through the design and ordering process of our room divider Facet. He provided answers quickly. The ordering was smooth and the delivery really fast!

Lindsey Theobald Feldman Architecture - USA Room Divider Facet 23 June 2016

Flawless, Simple & Impressive

Facet room dividers: overall faultless! Very quick shipping. Environmentally sound packaging. Classy, simple instructions and communication material. Managed to install the product myself quite easily. LOOKS FANTASTIC of course; striking without being OTT. Speedy, friendly customer service when assistance with a further order was requested. I love dealing with companies who are brilliant at what they do, and Bloomming is exactly that.

Jacqui Young C/-Rothbury - New Zealand Room divider Facet 12 December 2016

Looks Terrific In Our Office!

Great customer experience all around. Friendly and efficient support when needed. Our divider Facet looks terrific in our office and was easy to install!

Alexandra Silverman Founders Fund - USA Room Divider Facet 17 June 2016

Modern & Playful

I really enjoy the artistic design and the geometric pattern of room divider Facet and the fact it arrived in Southern California within a week. Quality is nice and thoughtful with spare parts.

Marie Chang United States Room divider Facet 7 March 2017

Easy And Efficient!

Very pleased with this clever and very nice product. Easy to order speaking directly to Bas. Easy to install, playing with all facets as much as you want to. Nice stainless steel supports. To recommend!

Pascale Ohanna Decoral Conception & Réalisation - France Room Divider Facet 26 May 2016

As Beautiful as on the Website

I liked room divider Facet from the very beginning since its introduction. Eventually, I bought it. The design looks just as beautifully in real life as it looks on the website. To me it is both functional and a jewel. Its interactive design allows me to alter the looks and the amount of light I want it defuses. At last, I want to thank Bas for his great and personal customer service!

Marion Jacobs The Netherlands Room divider Facet 21 November 2016

Facet Screen - outstanding product, beautifully designed and resolved. Facet Screen - a truly stunning element and addition to any interior space. We were so delighted with the product and the friendly professional services provided by Bloomming.


The room divider Facet is an outstanding product, which is beautifully designed. The facet screen is a truly stunning element and a true addition to ANY interior space. We were so delighted with the product and the friendly professional services provided by Bloomming.

Louise Kollosche Kodesigned - Australia Room Divider Facet 18 November 2015

Room divider: a unique product with a lovely design - Bloomming: a company with a great customer service We are highly satisfied with the room devider: it is beautiful, easy to install and absolutely original. Besides, packing is suitable for long trips transport (we brought it into Argentina). Service we received, before and after we bought the divider, was indeed excellent. We strongly recommend this product and this company.

Excellent Customer Service

We are highly satisfied with the room divider Facet: it is a beautiful product, which is easy to install and absolutely very original. The packing for shipment is very suitable for long distance transport (we had the room divider shipped to Argentina). The service we received, before and after purchase of he divider, was indeed excellent! We strongly recommend the room divider Facet and Bloomming as a company.

Alejandro Staccioli CABB - Argentina Room Divider Facet 23 November 2015

Une solution légère et graphique Je suis ravie du Divider Facet. Le produit est simple à installer, modulable et apporte un vrai élément déco aux bureaux. Les salariés s'amusent à faire bouger les facettes pour obtenir une cloison plus ou moins opaque , plus ou moins "rangée". Le rideau semble solide et se balance sur ses fixations , ce qui le rend vraiment souple. A recommander

I Am Delighted

I am delighted the room divider Facet! The room divider is a lightweight product, simple to install, modular and brings a real deco element to offices. It is fun to play around with the facets to obtain a surface which is more or less opaque. The room divider curtain is strong, solid and fixed tight on its mountings, and is really flexible. Highly recommended!

Sophie Louvet Home & Office Design - France Room Divider Facet 7 July 2015

What The Press Is Saying:

Re-Invented the Curtain

The lightweight, flexible and easy character of the room divider Facet is suitable to divide spaces and create a new atmosphere both inside and outside your home. It is available in different sizes and opens the possibilities to configure a variety of settings. Bloomming has reinvented the curtain to divide spaces!

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La Vanguardia Estilos De Vida Room Divider Facet 20 October 2009

Creates Brilliant Patterns

The room divider Facet by Bloomming creates brilliant patterns and literally plays with the light!

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VIVA Room Divider Facet 15 April 2010

Create Beautiful Patterns

Play around with light and shadow. Created by Blooming in Eindhoven, the room divider facet is a modular constructed versalite room divider which can also be used as blinds. The connected diamond shapes can be opened or closed individually and thus creating beautiful patterns. The elements are of stainless steel, and the easy click system makes it possible to extend is to every desired size. Designed by Mireille Meijs.

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interieur Magazine Room Divider Facet 20 April 2009

Timeless & Cozy

Return to the basics, focusing on silhouettes and patterns. The room divider facet consists of linked elements in shape of diamonds, which can be individually opened or closed.

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Excellent Room Divider Facet 21 December 2009

High Quality Sustainable Divider!

Divider Facet is a screen and space application which is fully modular and can be extended unlimited. It is also a complete sustainable product. This combination makes Facet the perfect divider!

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RAF Room Divider Facet 5 October 2012

Magically, Striking Patterns

Progressive sharp angels in spaces and furniture with the room divider facet by Bloomming. Optical illusions allow abstract lines and shapes to magically transform into string patterns. Facets form complex mosaic patterns, angular silhouettes and facetted outlines.

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Interior Inspirations 2012 Swarovsku Elements Room Divider Facet 16 May 2012

An Eyecatcher

During the yearly convention 100% Design in Rotterdam, the remarkable room divider Light Facet, designed by Bas van Leeuwen of Blooming is a real eyecatcher. It is a unique system which can be used as blinds or as a a room divider.

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Henk-Jan Hoekjen Inside Information Room Divider Facet 9 January 2009

It Comes With DIAMONDS

The Room Divider Facet offers an easy way to divide spaces. It comes together with these diamonds, which can rotate so you can have privacy and ventilation. Or: you can have it nice and closed off. Awesome! It is like Lego on steroids! A room divider that doesn't take too much room!

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Rescue Renovation DIY TV Show Room Divider Facet 6 December 2011

Playing with Light & Color

Lightfacet is a modular system used to seperate living spaces. Its indivual elements are diamond-shaped and can rotate separately, playing with light and color in an endless array of combinations. While Light-facet was originally designed as a curtain to divide spaces, it can also be used as a blind or a decoration. The structure can be as big (or small) as desired - more elements can be added to increase its size.

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Cristian Campos Product Design Now Room Divider Facet 15 January 2012

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