Hanging Room Divider Facet

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This includes the ceiling attachments of 23 cm
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    Hanging room divider Facet in entrance and living room

    Rotate & Play

    The diamond-shaped Facet elements can be rotated individually. Be creative!

    Every Size

    Thanks to its modular system Facet is available in all shapes and sizes.

    In 6 colors

    Available in various beautiful screen colors.

    Easy Install

    Fits Every Ceiling. Easy assembly and mounting in just 6 steps.

    Room divider Facet close-up rotating elements

    Rotate & Play with Light

    The screen of hanging room divider Facet consist of multiple, individual thin diamond-shaped elements we call “Facets”. These geometric shapes can be individually rotated 360º around their axis.

    The Facets allow you to create amazing screen patterns, play with light and transparency of the screen with just the flip of a diamond! It is both beautiful and functional as a room divider.

    In Every Size & Shape

    Hanging room divider Facet is a 100% modular system, available in literally every size and shape you would possible imagine. We offer all screen dimensions to enhance residential spaces like your living room, bedroom or kitchen. But also larger commercial or public areas like a hotel, restaurant, office or reception.

    For most scenarios, we offer 117 common sizes online. But due to its modular system, we can easily create a much larger hanging room divider. It is even possible to form entire stunning walls. The possibilities are endless. Be creative!

    Large room divider Facet with open parts in office
    Hanging room divider in large office room
    Divider Facet Color Collection

    In 6 Screen Colors

    We offer various colors for the diamond-shaped Facet elements and frame parts which form the screen of the hanging room divider. White, Graphite, Pearl Gray, Pale Blue, Dijon or Chestnut – take your pick. Each of these colors give room divider Facet its own character and distinctive style to fit your interior best.

    The ceiling attachments which mount the hanging room divider to the ceiling are made of brushed stainless steel.

    Hanging room divider Facet is designed as a sustainable product consisting of high quality materials. Facet is fire retardant, UV resistant and anti-static.

    Large hanging room divider in hotel restaurant

    Easy Installation.
    Fits Every Ceiling.

    Hanging room divider Facet comes with a clear 6 step instruction guide. Due to its smart modular design, assembly and installation is a breeze. Being light weight (only 4500 grams per m2), our hanging room divider Facet is easy to attach to every ceiling and material.

    Curious to see the installation of one of our dividers? Let’s have a look at this video:

    Room divider Facet attachment elements detail
    Freestanding room divider Facet preview

    Let It Stand!

    Love the style of our hanging room divider Facet but don’t have a ceiling available for mounting? Check out our new Freestanding Room Divider Facet. You can place and move it everywhere!

    Room Divider Facet Sample Box

    Facet Color Sample

    Hanging room divider Facet comes in 6 different colors. We can imagine it’s tricky to pick your most favorite color online. The Facet Color Sample is the best way to evaluate the available Facet colors in real-life before you place your order.

    What Our Clients Are Saying:

    Sandra Doernbrack Testimonial 100x100

    All of our Friends Love it!

    When my partner first talked to me about this new room divider concept I was a bit skeptical. Today I can say it is one of the very best decisions we made concerning the decoration of our apartment. All of our friends love it! It totally prevents strangers at the doorstep from seeing us chilling on the sofa and yet it matches so well the rest of our decoration that it's almost as if it wasn’t there! Thank you so much, people!

    Sandra Dörnbrack Germany Room divider Facet 22 May 2018

    Michelle Barth Childrens Hospital Colorado Testimonial 100x100

    Easy & Great Experience

    The product is great and absolutely beautiful, great show stopper for the grand opening. Maybe too fragile for overcrowded areas.

    Michelle Barth Childrens Hospital Colorado - USA Room divider Facet 9 May 2018

    Jenna Cook Tinto Architecture Testimonial 100x100

    Simple and Informative

    When deciding to the use the product customer service was excellent. All of my many questions were answered quickly and loads of information was provided to help understand everything. There was also an easy and straightforward ordering process and quick delivery.

    Jenna Cook Tinto Architecture - United Kingdom Room divider Facet 8 May 2018

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