Male Wedding Ring One

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Male Wedding Ring In White Gold

For product information or to order both the male and female ring as a set visit the wedding ring set One page.

Onze trouwringen

We Are Very Happy

We were immediately intrigued by the 'less is more' design of the wedding rings Set One by Blooming, and its beautiful symbolism in the design. We are very happy with our wedding rings! Also the purchase went smoothly and was a formidable and enjoyable experience. Thanks!

Karel & An Karel & An - Belgium Wedding Rings One 22 March 2016


Great & Creative

For our wedding rings we purchased the Weddings Rings One. We always want something other than the ordinary and these beautiful rings are truly amazing. They are just beautiful!

Gijs & Roxanne Coolen The Netherlands Wedding Rings One 22 March 2016

Wedding ring set One - Personal Touch

Personal Touch

For our wedding anniversary we wanted to do something special. We choose to celebrate it with the wedding ring set by Bloomming. The design is simple, sophisticated and symbolic. And they’re very comfortable to wear. The whole process took only 3 weeks. And the personal touch from Bas was the icing on the cake!


Jan Sanders The Netherlands Wedding Rings One 23 March 2016

Duality In Its Most Artistic Form

Ringset One is a set of two practically identical, minimalist rings, but with special feature that sets them apart: the base of one of the rings has a slight convex curve while the other has a slight concave curve. Both rings perfectly fit into each other at bringing to mind the concept of duality as in its most artistic form.

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Cristian Campos Product Design Now Wedding Rings One 15 January 2012

Fortify A Unity!

Behind the name Bloomming you will find the young Dutch designers Bas van Leeuwen and Mireille Meijs of the Design Academy. Their ring One consists of a male and female version of the ring, which together form a unity which reinforces each other. The rings are available in silver, gold and platinum and in sizes 15 till 22.

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FRITS Magazine Wedding Rings One 1 July 2009

1 Ring For 2

We stay together in unison, and our rings will become ONE! Bloomming design studio created seperate a male and female version of this jewel, rings to meet and to be united. The shape of the rings is made to fit together exactly, symbolizing fusion and union.

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Béatrix Foisil-Penther & Claire Chamot Crazy Design! Wedding Rings One 30 April 2011

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