Steel Vases Reflections


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    Steel design vases Reflections designed by Karin van der Zanden for Bloomming. Available at

    Sunrays travel a long path before they reach our earth, Steel Vases Reflections makes people realize even more how special sunlight is. Reflections lets us sparkle.

    This series of vases are shaped by the path the sun travels throughout the year, observed from the Netherlands. Every facet has an optimized angle to create the best reflections 365 days a year.

    Using flowers in the vases, the sunlight reflects on the facets creating a strong projection of flower shadows on the wall. The effect is beautiful with a large bouquet, but also with just a single flower.

    Dimensions wide vase: 35x60x35 cm (WxDxH).
    Dimensions high vase: 35x35x60 cm (WxDxH).

    Vases designed by Sunrays

    Production & Application. 

    The production technique requires a process of craftsmanship in combination with industrial techniques. Every facet is laser cut and hand welded. After the welding process the surface of the Steel Vases Reflections are polished from rough to very smooth. This is a very precise work that is done by skilled craftsmen. Only when every facet is perfectly smooth, the vase can be chromed and receives his perfectly reflecting surface.

    Vases Reflections are a 100% Dutch product, from the first sketch to the actual making of the models. Designed & produced in The Netherlands.

    When sunlight shines on the facets, Steel Vases Reflections can brighten up a room. The vases are eye-catchers in a living room, but are also beautiful in a chic hotel or stylish shop.

    Design by Karin van der Zanden.

    Vases Reflections reflecting beauty

    Subtle Way Of Beauty

    The chrome steel facets on these vases create a surprising wall decoration when incident rays of lights project the flowers in the vase on the wall; a subtle moment of beauty.

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