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    A set of two wedding rings, together as One, make each other sparkle on the most beautiful and epic wedding day ever.

    This set of wedding rings combine the simplicity of two rings becoming One. Separately they are very pure. One ring is solid and smooth, the other ring is elegant and reflects the light in deeper parts.

    Together both wedding rings are at their best, they belong to each other and symbolize the love shared in the past, in the moment and forever. Beautiful for a wedding, engagement or for a strong friendship.

    Ring set One offers a wide variety of options.

    For the finish you can choose between polished or brushed. Use the slider to slide from left to right to view the difference between a polished and brushed finish. Polished is left, brushed is right. Which option suits you and your partner best?

    It is also possible to choose for an inscription (maximum 10 characters) in one or both rings. While ordering you have the option to insert an extra note with your order, here you can fill in your wishes regarding the inscription.

    Wedding Ring set One - Polished or Brushed? Wedding Ring set One - Polished or Brushed?
    Wedding Ring Set One on a Happy Couple slideshow

    Wedding ring set One is available in a wide array of responsible materials.

    We offer a beautiful selection of materials. All our rings are created using the finest grade sustainable solid silver, 14K and 18K gold and pure palladium which contributes on a responsible way in the mining of these natural resources.

    NEW: On request we can make a special edition with diamonds in one or both rings, see the following image for inspiration.

    Wedding Ring Design Couple The Perfect Engagement Ring

    Wedding ring set One is available in every size.

    Finding out your ring size is easy. You can just take a well fitting ring and measure the inside diameter (left to right in one straight line. If this is for example 14.5mm, your ring size is 14.5. If you don’t have a well fitting ring this website can help you find your ring size.

    Is your size not featured in our webshop? No problem, every ring is made by order and we will create the perfect ring on demand. Just contact us for more information.

    Female design wedding ring One
    Wedding ring set One Design

    Wedding ring set One is timeless thanks to both classic and modern elements. 

    The two shapes fit perfectly together, different ring sizes grow towards each other and become equal. Designed by Bas van Leeuwen & Mireille Meijs for Bloomming.

    Every step of production, from the first sketches to the final finished product, is completed with care and the highest standards in mind. From the fine quality of silver or gold to the engraving and millwork, there’s impeccable attention to every detail.

    With these rings you’ll find the perfect symbol of the adventure you have already shared and the journey you are about to embark upon now and forever.

    What Our Clients & The Press Are Saying:

    1 Ring For 2

    We stay together in unison, and our rings will become ONE! Bloomming design studio created seperate a male and female version of this jewel, rings to meet and to be united. The shape of the rings is made to fit together exactly, symbolizing fusion and union.

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    Béatrix Foisil-Penther & Claire Chamot Crazy Design! Wedding Rings One 30 April 2011

    Duality In Its Most Artistic Form

    Ringset One is a set of two practically identical, minimalist rings, but with special feature that sets them apart: the base of one of the rings has a slight convex curve while the other has a slight concave curve. Both rings perfectly fit into each other at bringing to mind the concept of duality as in its most artistic form.

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    Cristian Campos Product Design Now Wedding Rings One 15 January 2012


    Great & Creative

    For our wedding rings we purchased the Weddings Rings One. We always want something other than the ordinary and these beautiful rings are truly amazing. They are just beautiful!

    Gijs & Roxanne Coolen The Netherlands Wedding Rings One 22 March 2016

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