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Booth Divider Which is Decorative and Functional

The perfect booth divider is here! Facet, our room divider, is a beautifully designed piece of furniture. The designer believes in simplicity with a wow-factor. That just about sums Facet up – simple design that will leave everyone who sees it in awe. With Facet form and function goes hand in hand. When using Facet as a booth divider, you have a stunning decorative screen to look at, while it performs the function of separating different booths from each other.


Personalize the Pattern of Your Booth Divider

The mesmerizing pattern of the screen is created by several diamond-shaped facets. These facets can be turned to different angles to create a more open booth divider if that should be your wish. By turning the facets you also change the pattern to create something that fits your personal style.

With regards to installing your booth divider, we will send you an easy to follow instruction manual. Facet consists of a sturdy construction, made from lightweight material which makes it very easy to handle. The separate facets are made of a fire retardant material which is also UV-resistant to keep the chosen color as vibrant as when it was brand new.

The booth divider seen in the above photo is one of our hanging room dividers. This hanging room divider is placed in a frame which is custom build by our client. Another option would be to order our freestanding divider which is available in a wide range of 36 dimensions.

That is part of the beauty of Facet, it is so versatile and the possibilities with it are endless. You can have it hanging from the ceiling or in a frame. The size can be determined by you to fit perfectly in your booth. The colors can either be chosen from our selection of six colors or you can contact us if you would like a specific RAL color. You can also choose the finish of the attachment pieces. And after you received your custom-made booth divider, you can adjust the angle of the separate facets to give it the final personal touch.

Project   –   Booth Divider
Product   –  Hanging Room Divider Facet
Dimensions   –   W204cm x H210cm
Color   –   White
Ceiling Attachments   –   Stainless steel
Location   –   Beijing, China
Client   –   CEA
Architect   –   Pascale Ohanna, Decoral
Photography  –   Decoral

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