Brushed Silver Wedding Ring on bride hand

Celebrate Unity with Brushed Silver Wedding Ring

Your wedding day is around the corner. It is one of the most special days in your life, a day you want to remember forever. You have carefully selected the venue, the clothes you will be wearing, your guests, and now it is time for the rings. You want something that suits your individual style and has meaning to it. Then our wedding ring set One is just what you have been looking for. Our beautiful brushed silver wedding ring has a luxurious, almost dreamy, soft focus look about it. Not only does it have a beautiful, unique design, it also captures the meaning of your whole wedding day in its design.


Brushed Silver Wedding Ring: Metaphor for Your Love

The top of the two rings are made to fit into each other. The one has a concave top and the other has a convex top. This enables the two brushed silver wedding rings to form one object when placed together. Just like you and your partner, these two rings form a perfect match, they strengthen and reinforce each other – the perfect metaphor for your love and unity.

You have the choice to purchase these rings individually or as a set. If you opt for the set, then you will experience the wonderful symbolism in the design of our wedding ring set One. Spoil your loved one and yourself on your special day with this unique brushed silver wedding ring set.

Brushed Silver Wedding Ring to Suit Your Style

We spent a lot of time coming up with the design for our brushed silver wedding ring set One. We wanted the design to be one-of-a-kind, beautiful and meaningful. If you are someone who likes things that are a little bit different, then this ring is just the thing for you! The design is gorgeous in its simplicity, yet it conveys the message of love and commitment that you as a couple share. The brushed effect gives the ring a satin finish, giving the ring a modern edge.

If you don’t like the matte finish you get with the brushed silver wedding ring, then you can also choose the shiny, polished finish. We also offer the option to choose the material that the ring is made out of. Silver is just one of the options, you can also choose 14K yellow or white gold. Normally these rings are made without any diamonds, but if you want to, we also add diamonds to one or both of the rings. For the finishing touches to your wedding rings, we can engrave it with something that is special to you both.

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Project   –   Brushed Silver Wedding Ring
Product   –   Ring Set One
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Brushed Silver Wedding Ring for couple fitting each other
Brushed Silver Wedding Ring on bride finger

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