Dining Table Steel Legs That Fit With Every Table Top

Dining Table Steel Legs Which Fits Every Table Top

Wondering how to combine different types of furniture to get that eclectic feel you want in your dining room? Or you specifically want an industrial-looking dining room table? Maybe you want to juxtapose an old, weathered piece of wood with shiny new table legs? Then take a look at our stainless steel table legs, Grip. We called it Grip because you can literally grip any flat surface between the clamps on the legs to form a dining table with steel legs. This gives you endless possibilities to create a unique, eye-catching table in your dining room.


Create A Dining Table With Steel Legs in No Time

You can take an old door and turn it into a table or the old table top that used to be your grandmother’s. If you find a table at a second-hand store, but you don’t like the legs, just take the table top and attach it to our table legs. That’s another thing, it can’t be easier. No need for drilling holes and screwing the legs to the table top, you just have to adjust the clamps on the legs to the correct width for the thickness of the table and your set. You will have a dining table with steel legs in no time!

Versatile and Adjustable Dining Table Steel Legs

The legs are made from high-quality stainless steel and form a great contrast with wood or bamboo, but it can also be used with plastic or marble or any other material you wish. As long as the thickness of the material is between 0,5 cm and 12cm, the sky really is the limit. Another useful feature of our table legs, Grip, is that you can adjust the height of your table. The minimum height of your dining table with steel legs will be 70cm and the maximum height will be 78cm plus the thickness of your table top.

In the pictures featured here, you can see our table legs, Grip, attached to our matching table top also called Grip. You can order the legs separately if you already have a table top in mind, but if you don’t, then we suggest you take a look at this beautiful table top from bamboo. Bamboo is an eco-friendly material and very durable, plus it looks amazing. The bamboo table top in these pictures were thermal heated to give it this dark color. The table top is available in six different hues and forms a perfect, sustainable combination with the table legs, Grip.

Project   –   Dining Table Steel Legs
Product   –   Table Grip
Material   –   Our stainless steel legs in combination with an ecologic bamboo table top
Special   –   The bamboo table top is thermal heated which gives it its nice dark color
Location   –   Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Photography  –   Bart Roos

Bamboo Dining Table with Stainless Steel Legs
Dining Table Steel Legs Which You Can Attach To Your Table Top

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