Industrial Vases with unique mirror reflections

Unique and Mesmerizing Industrial Vases

The chrome coated steel vases you see in the photos are called Reflections. They were given this name because of the mirror-like effect of the angled, asymmetrical shapes that the vases consist of. These vases reflect light in different directions. Not only does the vase itself look beautiful, it also changes its surroundings and your interior by reflecting light in a surprisingly spectacular way. Unique and mesmerizing, these industrial vases will steal the show in any setting. Whether you are looking for industrial vases for in your living room, hotel lobby or stylish boutique, these vases will add the final touch to your décor.


You have never seen anything quite like this. When you look at the vase alone, you see a wonderful piece of art that will definitely stand out in a crowd. But when you see it in its full glory – with flowers in a bright setting, you will witness something very special. The different angles of the flat surfaces on the industrial vases will reflect light in different directions. It will also cast the shadow of the flowers onto the walls and surrounding objects. This results in a dazzling display of light and its reflections, transforming any room into a changing work of art.

Industrial Vases Hand Welded To The Sun and its Reflections

This is a product that you can be proud to display. It is a product that has been made with a lot of care. A lot of time, effort and attention to detail has been put in the whole process. From the first sketches to the final chrome coating, these industrial vases have been lovingly made by very talented people.

The design for the industrial vases is done by the brilliant Karin van der Zanden. She drew her inspiration from our most powerful source of light, the sun. It was important to her to take her time with developing and perfecting this unique concept.

The production process is not so quick and easy. Every asymmetrical shape has to be cut using laser and then hand welded to form the vase. Then the entire vase needs to be polished to transform the rough, just-welded surface into a smooth surface. This entails very precise work done by highly skilled craftsmen. Only when the entire surface is completely smooth can the vase be covered in a chrome coating to achieve the reflective quality.

Each of these vases is made to order, so please allow enough time between ordering and delivery as it takes time and patience to make sure your vase is as perfect and beautiful as we at Bloomming intend it to be.

Product – Industrial Vases Reflections
Amount of vases – 2
Wide vase – 35x60x35 cm (WxDxH)
High vase – 35x35x60 cm (WxDxH)
Material – Steel
Location – Bergeijk, The Netherlands
Client – De Ploeg
Designer – Karin van der Zanden
Photography – Bart Roos

Industrial Vases set of 2 with dazzling reflections
Industrial Vases set reflecting light

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