Modern Silver Wall Clock Showing Time Mechanism

Stainless Steel Clock Tells More Than Time

Our modern silver wall clock named Delay, tells more than just time. It tells the story of how the clock works. There is beauty in the technology of the inner workings of a clock and with this clock, we have made that visible. The moving gears are not closed up inside a plastic case, instead, it is completely out in the open. Anyone looking at the clock can appreciate the craftsmanship necessary to make a working clock. You can see the cogs turning as time passes by, making Delay more than just a clock. It is a piece of art that will be admired by everyone who sees it.


Impressive Modern Silver Wall Clock with its Gears and Cogwheels

This unique modern silver wall clock will impress everyone who sees it. It will form a statement piece in your house, office or hotel lobby. Make sure your interior decoration is unique and stands out by adding our wall clock, Delay, to it.

Modern Silver Wall Clock: A Timeless Piece

Even though it is such a unique, modern piece, the simplicity in its design makes it timeless. Every so often a new type of metal becomes on trend, but it soon goes out of style again. The color silver is a color of metal that never goes out of style. It is chic and sophisticated, which means that our modern silver wall clock is a timeless piece.

The materials used for this clock is also very durable and because of the fact that it does not consist of many different small parts, it is fairly easy to repair, which also makes it a sustainable option.

Our wall clock consists of three cogwheels. One represents seconds, one represents minutes and the last one represents hours. The seconds-wheel makes one full rotation every minute, the minutes-wheel makes one full rotation every hour and the hours-wheel makes one full rotation every 24 hours. The point where all three of these cogwheels meet, is the point from which you are able to read the exact time.

The entire production process of our modern silver wall clock is done in the Netherlands. It is of great importance to us to only use high-quality, ethically-sourced materials. Our philosophy is to produce unique functional products of excellent quality.

We will only produce 240 wall clocks, so you can display this limited edition modern silver wall clock with pride.

  • Sustainable: Return to the love for products and technique,
  • Design: A pure and sophisticated detail on your wall,
  • Applicable: Office, reception, commercial, residential….
  • Craftsmanship: Clock Delay is created by Dutch craftsmen,
  • Materials: The stainless steel clock,
  • Timeless: As timeless as a clock can be.

If you have a special request or question, you can reach us by email or phone. We enjoy hearing from you!

Project   –   Modern Silver Wall Clock
Product   –  Clock Delay
Materials   –   Stainless steel
Location   –   Residential @ Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Client   –   Private owner
Photography   –   Bart Roos

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