Open Office Design lounge area

Open office spaces can be noisy and busy with people constantly walking in and out. This can be very distracting and not at all conducive for productivity. With the help of our room divider, Facet, you can section off certain parts of the open office design. In this way, you can create areas where meetings can easily be held. This will also help keep the sounds and distractions to a minimum. Modern workspaces often consist of large open rooms with mundane office furniture. If you want to create a space where the employees feel good and motivated to work hard, then our room divider is just the thing for you.


Section off Your Open Space Design

Open office design is great in the way that it promotes co-operation and collaboration between different departments. Unfortunately, it also creates a space where there can be many interruptions. To create a cozier atmosphere and to minimalize the disturbances, it is wise to use partitions between certain areas in your office.

The Perfect Addition to Open Office Design

Not only will Facet help keep noise and distractions to a minimum, it also is a mesmerizing piece of design furniture, a perfect addition to any open office design. Its uniqueness and the simple design will inspire your employees and show your clients that you have a keen eye for detail.

Assembling Facet is A Piece of Cake

You can order Facet from any place in the world. It is made to order and will be delivered to your doorstep. Once you have received your very own Facet room divider, you can easily assemble it and attach it to your ceiling. With every order, we include a helpful step-by-step manual. We can also be reached by email or telephone if you need any assistance.

Inviting and Inspiring Open Office Design

The open office design images on this page is situated in Boston, USA. It is the office of 3Play Media. You can clearly see that it is an office for people in a creative industry. The eclectic mix of furniture and decoration, the abundance of plants together with the room divider, makes the space feel inviting and inspiring.

Project   – Open Office Design
Product   –  Hanging Room Divider Facet
Amount of screens   –  5
Dimensions Screen 1  –   W204cmxH269cm
Dimensions Screen 2  –   W204cmxH269cm
Dimensions Screen 3  –   W102cmxH269cm
Dimensions Screen 4  –   W102cmxH269cm
Dimensions Screen 5 –   W102cmxH269cm
Color   –   White
Ceiling Attachments   –   Stainless Steel + Custom Length
Location   –   Boston USA
Client   –   3Play Media
Architect   –   Union Office
Photography   –   T3, Morgan Mosher

Open Office Design with multiple desks and working people
Open Office Design room divider and coffee corner
Open Office Design meeting and lounge area
Open Office Design with room dividers for privacy
Open Office Design with 2 room dividers Facet

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