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Restaurant Partitions To Impress

In most restaurants, there are certain spots that you would rather have a little hidden away from plain sight, for instance, the entree way to the restroom or a storage area. This problem can easily be solved with the use of a room divider. Our room divider, Facet, is a superb choice for restaurant partitions seeing as it is a gorgeous piece of design furniture and it can be customized to meet your specific needs. Your customers will most certainly be impressed with your unique choice of decoration.


Choose the Finish of Your Restaurant Partitions

If you view our webshop, you can see the six other colors we offer. Why not try a lovely warm Chestnut color or Graphite for a more dramatic effect? You also have the option to choose the finish of the attachment pieces: it comes in either a brushed stainless steel or in a powder white aluminum. As is seen in the featured pictures, we also offer our room divider in White which looks stunning in a modern interior.

Easy to Install Restaurant Partitions

Together with your order, you will receive a handy guide with instructions for installing your restaurant partitions. The simple design of Facet makes it very easy to handle.

Twist the Facets for an Interesting Effect

The restaurant partitions seen here are hanging in a restaurant in Clermont Ferrand, France. It ties in perfectly with the Danish design of the rest of the furniture. The two types of white chairs have a unique geometric design and so does Facet which makes them fit together beautifully. As you can see in some of the pictures, the diamond-shaped facets have been turned in different directions in a haphazard way. This gives the screen a very interesting look, almost like it has been deconstructed. It also adds a contrast to the very neat furniture giving the restaurant a modern look.

Project   –   Restaurant Partitions
Product   –  Hanging Room Divider Facet
Amount of Screens – 2
Dimensions Screens  –   W102cmxH269cm
Color   –   White
Ceiling Attachments   –   Stainless Steel
Location   –   Clermont Ferrand, France
Client   –   Restaurant SmØrrebrØd
Architect   –   Sognodite, Jennifer da Costa
Aubusson tapestry – La Canopée by Perrine Vigneron

Restaurant Partitions room divider with unique look
Restaurant Partitions ceiling mounted divider
Restaurant Partitions with open parts
Restaurant Partitions for a stylish restaurant

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