Table Legs Clamp on a dark brown table top

Stylish Stainless Steel Table Legs with Clamp

Here you see our table legs, Grip. With these stainless steel table legs with a clamp at the top, you can create your own design table in no time! You can use any flat surface of any type of material – marble, glass, plastic, wood – and attach it to our clamp style table legs. And behold: your very own, one-of-a-kind design table. No tools are required plus the legs can be adjusted to fit the thickness of any table top. Easy, versatile and stylish with an industrial flair.

Use These Table Legs to Clamp Any Surface

This is the part where you can be as creative as you want to be. Hop over to your local hardware store and buy some wooden planks to make your own table top or reuse an old one of which the legs are broken. Attach it to our table legs with the clamp and you have a unique table with a modern twist. You can also use an old door as your table top or give your current dining table a new look. As long as the thickness of the material you want to use as a table top is between 0.5 cm and 12 cm you are good to go.

Easy and Adjustable Table Legs with Clamp

There is no need for drilling holes in your table top. All you have to do is turn the clamp on your table legs until it grips tight enough around the table top. These strong and durable table legs including the clamp are made from high-quality stainless steel. They have a timeless design and can be reused again and again. Their smart design also allows you to adjust the height of the table. The maximum height is 78 cm plus the thickness of your table top, while the lowest is 70 cm.

Featured in the photo above, are our table legs, Grip. They are used to form a magnificent industrial design-inspired table. The smooth stainless steel legs form a perfect match for the bamboo table top from our collection. Bamboo is wonderful material that we love to work with – it is eco-friendly, durable and looks great in combination with our stainless steel table legs.

The bamboo table top in this picture has been treated to give it this dark, warm brown color. We offer it in different shades to suit your style and décor. For more information about the table legs or table top, click on the Order button on this page.

Project   –   Table Legs Clamp
Product   –   Table Leg Grip
Location   –   Bergeijk, The Netherlands

Table Legs Clamp on dinner table

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