Wall Clock With Gears Showing Time

Thoughtfully Designed Wall Clock With Gears Showing

This stainless steel design wall clock with gears showing is such an exceptional piece of art; it will blow your mind! It is a unique, out of the ordinary object to have in your home or office. A lot of creativity went into coming up with its innovative design. Every time you see it, you will feel inspired to be more creative and to see the beauty in the things that surround you. In a time where it seems like almost everything is mass produced, it is refreshing to find something that is thoughtfully designed and made with care and patience.


A Design Wall Clock of Exceptional Craftsmanship

The thing that makes this clock so special, is that it is three-dimensional and the gears are visible. Normally you do not see the gears of an average wall clock and it forms a flat object. This makes our designer wall clock with gears showing look different to most clock out there. It also allows you to take a closer look at how things work. It is very interesting to see how the gears move and through that movement you can tell that time is ticking on. You get to appreciate how a clock works and the craftsmanship needed to make such an amazing piece of technology.

Admire This Exquisite Wall Clock With Gears Showing

You often see wrist watches with the visible gears, but you rarely see that with wall clocks. That makes our stainless steel wall clock with gears showing a cool statement piece of functional art on your wall. People will definitely stop and admire this exquisite clock.

Of course, it is also practical. It might look complicated, but it really is not. There are three different cogs – one to indicate seconds, one to indicate minutes and one to indicate hours. The point of intersection between these three cogwheels is the point from which you can read what time it is.

We only use the best quality stainless steel and aluminum to make our wall clock. The design and production of the entire clock are done in the Netherlands. We will only produce 240 of these clocks to keep it a limited edition product, making it a valuable collector’s item. The dimensions are 34x34x48cm.

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  • Sustainable: Return to the love for products and technique,
  • Design: A pure and sophisticated detail on your wall,
  • Applicable: Office, reception, commercial, residential….
  • Craftsmanship: Clock Delay is created by Dutch craftsmen,
  • Materials: The stainless steel clock,
  • Timeless: As timeless as a clock can be.

Project   –   Wall Clock With Gears Showing
Product   –   Design Clock DELAY
Location   –   Waalre, The Netherlands

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