Innovative Wall Clock With Moving Gears in Office

Wall Clock with Moving Gears: A Statement Piece

This innovative wall clock with moving gears is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It lays bare the raw beauty of the technology behind keeping time. Its exquisite design is kept simple by only adding the necessary pieces and nothing more. This unique designer piece will help you keep track of time while also forming a statement piece in your interior.


Our three-dimensional wall clock with moving gears consists of three cogs: one for hours, one for minutes and one for seconds. In the intersection where all three the cogs meet, is the point from which you can read what time it is. The clock is made up of elegant materials – stainless steel and aluminum. This simplicity and robustness forms a stark contrast to the intricate precision of the inner workings of a clock, making this truly a one of a kind piece of art.

Wall Clock with Moving Gears Slows Down Time

It will feel like time slows down when you watch the peaceful movement of the cogwheels. The clock is stripped down to the bare essentials.

Our fast-paced consumer lifestyle has changed us into taking things for granted – when something breaks, we just buy a new one, instead of fixing it and treasuring it. The fact that you can see the inner workings of the clock, allows you to appreciate how things work. It allows you to take a step back and appreciate the fine craftsmanship that is needed for a clock to function. Therefor the fitting name of this extraordinary clock is Delay.
The clock is made out of high quality, durable stainless steel and aluminum. The dimensions of the entire wall clock with moving gears are 34x34x48cm.

The concept and design of this marvelous clock is done by Bloomming and every piece of this wall clock including the moving gears are produced in The Netherlands. We have taken great care in providing you with something unique, durable, aesthetically pleasing and functional. We are only producing 240 wall clocks with moving gears of which a few have already been shipped off and are installed around the world. This is a limited edition piece you can feel proud of putting on display.
In the photo above, our wall clock with moving gears is seen in Centros de Negocios Avanti in Guadalajara, Mexico. It works perfectly as a statement piece in an office, but will look just as good in a thoughtfully designed home.

Project   – Wall Clock with Moving Gears
Product   –  Design Clock Delay
Materials   –   Stainless Steel
Color   –   Silver
Location   –   Guadalajara, Mexico
Client   –   Centros de Negocios Avanti

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